This way you make your orchids bloom faster. You don’t have to buy any expensive products because you will be using a natural ingredient. Here’s what you need to do.

Banana fertilizer

The orchid is a very simple plant to care for and does not require much attention. It is a perfect plant for interiors and above all to give as a gift to those who are not familiar with plants. In fact, it doesn’t take much to have it healthy and there are some small fundamental points that should not be underestimated.

The position in which you place the plant is important . In fact, it must not be in the sun but must receive the rays indirectly. Then it must stay away from heat sources or cold air currents. Irrigation is also important and must not be too full of water, only humid.

make the orchid bloom

Most important of all is the fertilizer . Many don’t use it for their plants but in reality it is essential because it helps them grow healthier and stronger and above all makes them flower faster. Thanks to the added nutrients the orchid will in fact produce many flowers. You won’t have to buy anything expensive, below are all the details for a natural fertilizer.

Do this to make orchids bloom – it’s a natural fertilizer

As we were saying, using fertilizer for the orchid but in general for plants is essential . This in fact allows them to grow correctly and also keeps bacteria and parasites away. There is no need to buy expensive fertilizers because the natural ones are perfect and are practically almost free of cost.

There are several and some you simply have at home in your refrigerator. For example egg shells or milk. But let’s instead see a fertilizer created with a fruit, let’s talk about the banana . In particular, this fertilizer is created with the peel which contains very nutritious substances for plants.

banana peel

The banana peel contains many vitamins, for example Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. It also contains various mineral salts such as potassium which helps in growth and magnesium. So these are nutrients that are great for the plants and the orchid. So don’t throw away banana peels but reuse them.

The ingredients you need

To make the orchids bloom, about 3 bananas (better if organic) and about 1 L of water will be enough . Start by cutting banana peels into pieces and then place them in a blender. Blend for a few minutes to obtain a puree and then add the water. Mix the two together well and now take an empty and clean bottle.


Pour everything into the bottle and do not close it. Now let the mixture ferment for at least 2 days and then you can use it . As soon as it is ready, first filter the water and then you can use this natural fertilizer that you have obtained to water your orchid.

Remember to pour the fertilizer on moist, not dry soil otherwise you could burn your plant. This banana peel treatment is recommended to be done approximately every two weeks in the summer and only once a month in the winter months . All you have to do is try it yourself and see your orchid bloom faster.