To make the pothos grow strong and lush, just follow some advice, especially on watering.


Enriching your garden or the rooms of your home with flowers and plants is undoubtedly the best choice to give color and brightness to the environments we live in every day. Especially in this period where nature re-explodes in all its beauty, many return to fill their spaces with their green friends, leaving speechless all those who are lucky enough to admire this spectacle. Among the many plants that are often found in the garden or at home there is the pothos , a much appreciated evergreen and climber and often used to enhance rooms and terraces.

How to grow pothos – the best advice

This plant, originally from Thailand and the Solomon Islands, however needs a lot of care and appropriate care if you want to see it grow  strong and luxuriant . To begin with, you should avoid exposing the pothos to direct sun. The advice is to place a curtain in front of the window or to guarantee the pothos the sun’s rays in the early morning or late afternoon hours.


You must also pay close attention to the temperature inside the room where the pothos is located. It must never be too hot or too cold: the ideal is to keep it between 15 and 25 degrees . Another very important tip is to use a mossy tutor for plants, so that the pothos can take advantage of a solid base for climbing.

Having said that, it must be taken into account that the pothos needs a substrate for tropical plants, capable of retaining water without causing problems for the roots. The best substrate is one composed of earthworm humus, perlite, pumice stone and pine bark .

This type of substrate allows water to be retained in the soil when we go to water the plant. The roots always remain moist without puddles of water forming.

Earlier we also talked about the right environmental temperature to guarantee for the pothos. That’s not all, because this plant also needs adequate misting (even once a week may be enough), so as to ensure the right level of humidity. Why nebulization?

Just the right nebulization

In this way the plant receives a mist and not the drops of water which could cause problems for the smaller leaves. With the right irrigation the roots of the plant can breathe without suffocating , therefore great attention must always be paid to this aspect. The same goes for fertilization, another process to be carried out with great judgment.

Growing pothos

For correct irrigation, humidity must be guaranteed especially at the edges of the pot, given that the roots tend to develop outwards. In this way, within a short time we will see the pothos grow luxuriantly .

When we notice that the plant is growing correctly we can also roll it around the mossy tutor, so as to guarantee it the solid base to grow strong. By following all these indications, the growth of your pothos will amaze you and you will be able to have a wonderful climbing plant in your home or garden.