How to produce tomatoes in abundance? This is the secret that everyone will want to know from now on.

Chop the tomatoes

Who doesn’t want tomatoes in abundance in the garden? The experienced nurserymen have decided to reveal a little secret, in order to give the plant a way to grow well and completely healthy. Let’s find out together all the tips to customize: everyone will then want to know the secret of this success.

Tips for growing tomatoes

The cultivation of tomatoes in the garden can be rewarding and offer succulent fruits to enrich our tables. However, to get a bountiful and tasty harvest, it is important to follow some specific tips and secrets.

  • Choice of varieties:

The choice of tomato variety is crucial for successful cultivation. Consider your culinary preferences and local weather conditions. Some varieties require higher temperatures, while others are more resistant to cold.

  • Soil preparation:

Before planting, properly prepare the soil. Remove weeds, work the soil deep and add organic matter such as compost or well-decomposed manure. Make sure that the soil has good drainage to avoid water stagnation.

  • Sowing and transplanting:

Sowing tomatoes can be carried out in jars or directly in the ground. If you opt for sowing in jars, be sure to use quality soil. Transplant tomatoes in open ground when temperatures are stable and there is no risk of frost.

Cultivation tomatoes
  • Care and watering:

Tomatoes need regular watering, especially during the phase of growth and fruit ripening. Avoid wetting the leaves and the entire plant, focusing on watering the base of the plants to reduce the risk of fungal diseases.

  • Support:

Tomatoes are climbing plants that benefit from adequate support. Use poles, nets or cages to support plants and facilitate vertical growth.

How to produce tomatoes in abundance?

Growing tomatoes in the garden can be even more rewarding if you use specific techniques to promote abundant and healthy plant growth. Among the various methods available, pinching tomatoes is a simple but effective approach tomaintain a more generous production.

Tomatoes in abundance

Pinching tomatoes is a pruning technique that involves removing the lateral buds or “armpits” that develop in the joints between the main stem and the side branches. These buds, if left to grow, will give rise to new lateral branches that will require energy from the plant, limiting the growth and production of fruits.

Pinching begins when tomato plants have reached a suitable size, usually after developing 4-6 groups of leaves. Look closely at the plant and spot the side buds that develop in the armpits. Using your fingers or a clean pair of pruning scissors, gently remove these side buds, being careful not to damage the rest of the plant.