Instead of relying on chemicals, you can solve the problem of insects, focusing on a natural mosquito repellent.

Natural mosquito repellent

Summer is almost upon us and with the arrival of the month of June, the beautiful days are back. Many have already made some nice trips out of town and have begun to enjoy the sun and the finally pleasant temperatures. However, the return of the summer season also means having to deal with insects again, especially inside the house. Summer, in fact, rhymes with ants, bees and flies, but also with mosquitoes, which return to invade every room of the house undoubtedly creating a big annoyance. Many choose to quickly get rid of mosquitoes by relying on some of the best products on the market.

The natural mosquito repellent is a powerhouse: no more hassles

However, the advice is always to forget the chemical solutions and opt instead for a natural mosquito repellent, achievable in a few minutes and equally effective.


To prepare the super natural mosquito repellent to be sprayed on the skin in order to remove these annoying insects forever, it takes just a few minutes. The solution can also be sprayed in the various rooms of the house, so as not to have to deal with mosquitoes anymore.

The first thing to get is an empty spray bottle because inside it we will insert the solution that will drive away mosquitoes from home. Inside the bottle we immediately insert 60 ml of natural or distilled water.

Once this is done, we also insert 60 ml of apple cider vinegar into the bottle, an element often used for the preparation of natural mosquito repellent. The solution should be further enriched with lavender essential oil (but lemongrass or eucalyptus is also fine): 15-20 drops are sufficient.

Once the insertion of the ingredients is completed, close the spray bottle well and shake the solution, so as to mix well. All that remains is to start spraying the natural mosquito repellent to defend ourselves from mosquitoes.

We spray the solution on the skin, especially on the arms and legs, so that we can count on a natural and above all very safe protection (even for children).

While for us the newly made solution will have a very pleasant smell, the same cannot be said for mosquitoes, which instead will not tolerate this fragrance at all (especially because of apple cider vinegar).

Spray it also on furniture and dressers: the smell will drive away mosquitoes forever

As mentioned above, the solution we have prepared inside the spray bottle can also be sprayed inside the various rooms of the house, especially around doors and windows. In addition, the natural remedy against mosquitoes is also perfect to protect flowers and plants from mosquitoes.

Spray mosquito repellent

Since the freshly prepared natural solution gives off an excellent scent, it can also be sprayed on furniture and sideboards, guaranteeing a surprising cleansing and sanitizing action.

The goal must be to fill the whole house with the fragrance of this natural mosquito repellent. If mosquitoes find this smell in every corner of the house it is very likely that they will stay away, preferring other shores. It really takes a few minutes to solve the problem and spend a summer without worrying about the annoyance caused by mosquitoes.