An ingredient that must never be thrown away again. It is worth gold for plants at home and in the garden: growth is guaranteed for years.

Ingredient for plants

There are ingredients that can be used as natural fertilizers. Some of these are simply the peels that are thrown away as wet. In a world where waste is commonplace and the environment asks for help, why not use these ingredients as fertilizer for plants? One in particular that is eaten in summer, always present in Italian tables, turns into an excellent ally.

Natural ingredient that is worth gold for plants: how to make fertilizer

Fertilizers for plants, in most cases are created from the waste ingredients of fruits and vegetables. Not only that, there are also other ingredients to use, such as coffee grounds, without these being thrown in the garbage.

The ingredients for this excellent natural fertilizer are:

  • Melon peel;
  • Water.

Melon peel is an excellent natural element rich in water, vitamins and natural mineral salts. All factors that help the plants in the garden and the house to be more beautiful and stronger.

Fertilizer for plants

First of all you eat the pulp and then, instead of throwing the peel you cut it into many small pieces. Put it inside a container and then pour some water. Cover with a plate and leave to macerate for a day inside.

Immediately afterwards the foam that has been created is filtered, so as to obtain an excellent and nutritious natural fertilizer for the plants. This can be used once a week, pouring it directly on the earth: it nourishes, moisturizes, protects and also offers a little help to counteract the attack of parasites.

Properties of melon peel

Experienced nurserymen recommend using melon peels as fertilizer for each type of plant. Its properties nourish and guarantee the necessary supply to bloom infinitely.

Fruit peels in general are the perfect ingredient to create natural fertilizer. Rich in potassium and vitamins, for healthy and perfect flowering. They can be transformed into a liquid, buried in pieces or blended directly.

Melon peel ingredient

A set of properties and benefits that plants will love right away. As seen above, in this case it is asked to create a soft foam. But with the melon slice you can also create a smoothie, enhancing it with a banana peel (thus increasing from potassium dose).

Not only that, the pieces of the melon can also be placed directly under the ground, letting their properties become one of a kind. In short, a delicious summer fruit is also a natural plant saver to make it  grow and bloom indefinitely.