To double the harvest of cucumbers, you need to use this ingredient: never plant them without this. Below we see all the details.

Underground map

Cucumber is a vegetable crop used in cooking and can be grown safely in your own garden. In fact, it is an unpretentious plant and it is quite easy to grow it. It does not require special needs of soil and care but ideally you need a fertile soil and fertilizers to be used.

The cucumber plant grows very fast and develops just as quickly. You have to place it in a sunny place and if it takes already after about 40 days you can get the first harvest. So if the summer is long they can be planted several times during the season.

Do not plant cucumbers without this ingredient

Before choosing seeds for sowing, however, pay attention to what type of cucumber you choose. There are self-pollinated hybrid ones or parthenocarpic cucumbers. Or even self-pollinated by bees that give more fruit if planted in the ground and not in greenhouses. But never plant cucumbers without this ingredient that we see below.

Never plant cucumbers without this: the harvest will be much more

To plant cucumbers you need to wait for temperatures to rise. If during the day, it is more than 20°C and at night more than 15°C may be the right time. The soil at the time of sowing must be warm, at least 18 ° C. So, you can get started and buy the variety that’s right for you.

The first stage is to germinate the seeds. Then take a container and put the toilet paper folded in layers, about 2 or 3. We moisten the paper but not only with water. The ingredient that you must use before planting cucumbers in fact must be put now and is glucose powder.

Sprouting cucumbers

Glucose powder being used for desserts you could find it in the most well-stocked supermarkets or online. You have to dilute 0.5 grams of glucose in 1 L of water. Glucose activates growth processes and gives plants energy for germination and development.

In the water with glucose then also add Vitamin C for plants (you can also find it with the name of ascorbic acid). Here you will need less, only 0.1 grams. This instead increases immunity and resistance to stress. Then wet the toilet paper and then spread the seeds on the paper. Close with a lid or bag to create a greenhouse effect. Put in a warm place and wait 4 days.

Transition from planting to soil

Once the time has passed, take the created small greenhouse again and there should be shoots. Thanks to vitamins and glucose the sprouts will have all come out and will have strong and developed roots. Before planting them in pots, it is better to wait for a stem growth stage of about 5 centimeters.

You can then transfer the sprouts individually into glasses with the soil. Add soil, make a hole in order to put down roots without damaging them. Remember not to tear the roots but to place them in the ground with a piece of paper still attached to them.

Cucumber plant

Now that the sprouts are in the glass and the roots covered by the ground, pour again a few drops of the fertilizer used previously. Place them on a sunny windowsill and wait until the stem is about 0.5 cm in diameter and there begin to be several leaves.

Prepare the soil by digging a hole of about 20 centimeters and put wood ash on the bottom. This is rich in potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron and more. Just a spoon that you will then mix with the ground. Sprinkle more soil and put more organic matter. Then you can plant a cucumber plant.

Remove the glass by cutting and then cover with soil until completely covered. Now you can start using other fertilizers and you can choose the one you prefer. Many are made with natural ingredients and are really good. Wait a while and you will see how many cucumbers will grow.