It is because of this mistake that everyone commits that it makes the basil dry in a few days.

harvesting basil

The basil plant is always present in all the homes of Italians. An excellent flavoring for traditional dishes, but also an essential perfumer for all environments. It is also known that its essential oil is rich in properties and benefits for the body. In short, these bright green leaves can give a lot and there are a thousand uses to exploit. If basil is dry, what are the causes? The fault is a specific action that is done and involves a devastating domino effect for the seedling.

How best to treat this plant?

Basil is an aromatic plant that is used in the kitchen, as a flavoring for traditional Italian dishes. Everyone has potted basil and tries to keep it healthy, but in most cases the seedling withers or dries after a few days. The situation is common as well as the mistake that is made.

Often and willingly, not knowing this detail, you do not buy  basil seedlings preferring the chopped one that is in the freezer counter of the supermarket. You should never give up this scent and taste of a fresh leaf.

Freshly harvested basil

There are a number of determining factors, which lead the seedling to dry out in a few days. An experienced nurseryman explains it, but if it is bought at the supermarket no one offers an explanation of what should be done or avoided.

You should not make this mistake with basil

In order not to immediately perish the basil just bought, you should not make trivial mistakes. When buying the plant at the supermarket, the first thing to check is the type of pot: in most cases it is not suitable and must be repotted immediately.

Once the plant arrives home, proceed with repotting in a terracotta pot, enriched with clay on the bottom to avoid stagnation of water. Plant the basil and water, dosing the quantity well.

Dried basil

You orient yourself by touching the ground, checking that it is not dry or too wet or wet. The ideal time to water the plant is in the morning, so that it can absorb all the nutrients during the day. Attention also to the exposure, in fact a map inside the house must be placed in a bright environment.

Who keeps it outside, then will have to choose a place sheltered from the wind and direct sunlight that could burn it. There is another factor, in fact often the plant at the supermarket is subjected to high temperatures.

Once you take the car, it may feel the heat or intense cold depending on the season. The advice is to ask a nurseryman what is the right temperature, so as not to compromise his health during transport home.