How to make the orchid bloom and sprout all year round? With this method it will be quick and easy.

Orchid buds

An infallible method for orchids , so that they can grow healthy and lush with the elegance that distinguishes them. Experienced nurserymen always suggest completely natural methods to apply in this regard. Natural ingredients can be used as fertilizer or for their care, until you have an additional tool for the multiplication of the plant without having to purchase it. It’s not as difficult as it seems and you just need to do it this way.

How to care for orchids

Orchids are elegant plants , which embellish any type of environment. They adapt to all homes, giving that original and sophisticated touch of colour. They have a tropical origin, for this reason they love humid and warm places, but never cold. The ideal temperature starts from 18 degrees and reaches 28 degrees. The aerial roots represent the real peculiarity of this plant, however they are very delicate and must be healthy to absorb the various nutrients.

lush orchid

They are often found in the home or office, given as gifts or purchased as a sophisticated symbol. They are not easy to grow and require a lot of attention, with all gardeners’ advice to be followed to the letter. Among these, the importance of placing the plant on a windowsill and close to a light source, but without the sun’s rays being able to directly hit the plant. Furthermore, they require continuous nourishment and water especially during the hot season.

The soil must never be dry and, at the same time, it must completely drain the water. Stagnation will only lead to rotten roots and a process for the plant that leads to its death.

Method for a healthy and thriving orchid all year round

The expert method for a  lush, beautiful and healthy orchid involves the use of two main ingredients: garlic and onion.

First of all, few people know, these two ingredients together can form an excellent fertilizer and powerful nutrient for the plant. In fact, it will be enough to blend a head of garlic and onion with the peel, or boil the two ingredients and filter the juice. In both cases they take care of thoroughly nourishing the soil of this plant, making it beautiful.

Garlic cloves in the orchid

Some nurserymen also recommend cutting a piece of plant cutting and healing it at the bottom with the help of a lighter. Immediately afterwards it is kept in water, while the soil enriched with a clove of garlic and an onion is prepared . The cutting is then put under the ground with this nourishment, giving life to a new plant.

It is a method that many experts use , but it is always good to ask for advice before doing it so that you can obtain a beautiful, healthy and robust plant.