Get a crop of big, juicy lemons by making this simple natural fertilizer. It only takes two minutes to prepare, here’s how. 

Lemon harvest

Growing lemon trees requires care and attention , particularly when you want large, juicy fruit . One of the crucial factors that affect the growth and health of lemon trees is the correct nutrition of the plants . Fortunately, you can make a natural fertilizer for lemon trees using some common , easy-to-find ingredients . Let’s see how.

Making natural fertilizer for a huge lemon crop: the ingredients

Natural fertilizer for lemon trees requires only two main ingredients : ash and cinnamon . Ash is a natural source of potassium , one of the main nutrients needed for plant growth . Additionally, ash also contains calcium , magnesium , and other nutrients essential for the health of citrus trees .


Cinnamon , on the other hand, has antimicrobial and antifungal properties , which can help prevent plant diseases . Cinnamon is also a source of calcium , another essential nutrient for the growth of lemon trees .

How to prepare natural fertilizer

To create our natural lemon tree fertilizer , you need to mix a pound of ash and 4 ounces of cinnamon in a bucket. We then add two liters of water and mix vigorously until the ingredients are completely integrated . Once the fertilizer has been created, we can apply it to the lemon tree once a month . To do this, it is not necessary to pour the water too close to the trunk of the tree, but only around itNow.

Benefits of using a natural fertilizer for lemons

Using natural fertilizer for lemon trees has numerous advantages over commercially available synthetic fertilizers . First, natural fertilizer does not contain harmful chemicals that can harm the environment or the plants themselves. Additionally, natural fertilizer is inexpensive and easy to prepare, making it a convenient choice for those growing one or more lemon trees.


And then, using natural fertilizer can help improve the health of citrus trees. Because fertilizer contains nutrients essential for plant growth , it can help prevent nutrient deficiencies that can cause growth problems and disease . Additionally, cinnamon ‘s antimicrobial and antifungal properties can help prevent the onset of plant diseases , keeping our tree healthy and strong..

Finally, using natural lemon tree fertilizer can help promote sustainability and environmental health . By using natural ingredients to create the fertilizer, you avoid adding harmful chemicals to the surrounding environment. Additionally, natural fertilizer can help promote soil health and biodiversity , creating a favorable environment for the insects and animals that live in the surrounding area. In this way, the creation of aNatural fertilizer for our citrus trees can help preserve the beauty and health of our surroundings.

In conclusion, therefore, if you are a gardening enthusiast or grow lemon trees , you should definitely try making your own natural fertilizer to achieve the best possible results in growing your trees , with large and juicy fruits .