By using dishwasher salt in the garden we can solve a problem that happens in the garden. Here’s which one.

Dishwasher rooms in the garden

To clean our homes we tend to use many ingredients that we find on the market in the best home hygiene shops , but not everyone knows that these can also be used to find other solutions.

Take bicarbonate for example , it can be used for many purposes, both to disinfect food and to remove dirt from surfaces if combined with other ingredients we have available.

Dishwasher salt: here’s how to use it in the garden

Furthermore, in many homes and especially in restaurant kitchens, the dishwasher is used to speed up the drying of dishes and their washing , which tends to get our dishes clean and sanitized.

With continuous use, however, this appliance fills with waste and debris and limescale can form and to avoid this, dishwasher salt is inserted inside it.

This salt not only helps prevent these problems from forming, but also lightens the water inside the dishwasher and therefore tends not to create harmful debris and deposits that could ruin the contraption.

Dishwasher salt: what happens when used in the garden

Dishwasher salt works immediately and the result is surprising and this is why many tend to use it even in the garden to solve a very particular problem .

In fact , in our flowerbeds we can find weeds , which are nothing other than plants that tend to carry parasites and which could infect all those around them and are therefore unwelcome.

We all remember the Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland , and in one scene the protagonist finds herself in a garden of roses and other flowers and is chased away because she is mistaken for a weed.

How to proceed

The fear of other plants of being contaminated by her means that poor Alice is denigrated and sent to bad conditions without being able to explain that she is actually a human being.

To eliminate weeds in our homes and gardens, simply put some dishwasher salt with a little vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on our plants and grass.

To make the task easier, we can insert the mixture inside the rain system which will distribute everything as required by the irrigation system of our garden.

vinegar and salt

This will work as a herbicide and weeds will be a distant memory and our garden will always be green and will be the envy of everyone who asks us what our secret is.

These methods are used by the best nurserymen and many of these can be found on the web, you just need to browse and tinker around a bit and find videos and information that can be very useful.

Now all you have to do is take some dishwasher salt and use it to eliminate all the weeds from your garden and ensure that there is only greenery to brighten up our days.