Dip the potato peels in a jar full of boiling water: what happens next will leave you astounded. Here’s why you should try this technique.

Dip the potato peels in a jar filled with boiling water

Never throw away potato peels , you don’t know how useful they can be. Here’s what happened if you immersed them in a jar full of boiling water . You will be amazed.

Potatoes, that’s why even the peel can come in handy

Potatoes , belonging to the Solanaceae family , are among the most appreciated , purchased and consumed tubers in the world. Two European nations rank, according to some statistics, in the first two places in the list of countries considered among the largest consumers of these vegetables: Italy and France .


Well yes, even the Italians adore these tubers that are never lacking on our tables. On the other hand , it is a very versatile product that lends itself very well to the creation of many tasty recipes.

Of course, it is never good to abuse this ingredient as it raises blood sugar . But if consumed properly, it can become an incredible ally in the kitchen and in your diet.

Made up of 80% water, potatoes are high in starch and potassium but low in fiber and protein . It also has vitamins of groups A, B and C which are however considerably lost during the cooking process.

If you too often consume this tuber, then you must necessarily know this secret . Next time, when you cook potatoes, don’t throw away the peels : you don’t know how useful they can be and not just at the table!

Dip the potato peels in a jar of boiling water: the final result is incredible

When cooking potatoes, we generally throw away the peels . The most expert cooks or even some restaurants and clubs reuse them in an intelligent way by serving them at the table after having cooked or fried them : we assure you that they are delicious!

Today, however, we don’t want to talk to you about the exclusive use of these tubers in the diet but rather we want to show you how even peels can come in handy . Do not you believe it? Then continue reading this contribution because we are sure you will be amazed.

Potato peels

Do you know that with potato peels you can make a natural detergent and a super effective degreaser for cleaning dishes and more ? Here’s how you need to proceed.

The procedure is extremely simple. You just need to pour the peels of 5 potatoes into a jar full of boiling water and let them soak for 20 minutes. It is the water in which you have kept the peels that you will have to use.

Pour it on the dishes and on the walls of the sink or hob , even if they are steel: the potato peelings will release substances that act as a natural degreaser . Oil, grease and grease stains will be a distant memory.

If you want to get an even better result, immerse the potato peels in a jar still full of boiling water but this time leave them to soak for 40 minutes . Then, shake your properly closed jar vigorously: you will see that foam will be created .

Leave this solution in the refrigerator for a whole night and the next day, with a clean sponge, start cleaning your dirty dishes : they will shine as if they had just been bought!

See how everything can be intelligently used? Even the potato peels that we usually throw away can become a resource that is not only tasty – if we consume it – but also precious for cleaning the house and dishes .

Do you know that you can also use potato peels to remove stains from clothes ? They are rich in substances capable of eliminating grease stains : rub them on the halo for 3 minutes and put the item of clothing in question in the washing machine: goodbye stains!

And what if you have blackened ladles and  cutlery ? Even in this case, potato peels save you! You won’t need to immerse them in a jar full of boiling water. In this case you will simply have to rub them on the utensils in question and rinse with warm water : they will be as good as new.

Do you also have burnt pots or pans ? Here is the solution for this problem. What do you have to do? Take the pan or pot and place it on the heat . Add a handful of coarse salt and wait 3 minutes . Turn off the fire. Then, with the potato peels, start making circular movements delicately . Rinse everything with warm water: the result will be extraordinary.

As you can see, potato peels are very useful not only at the table but also for cleaning. Did you know that they are also an excellent natural fertilizer ? If you leave them to soak overnight and water the plants with the water you’ve kept them in for 24 hours, you’ll see what a spectacle your green jewels will be: they’ll explode with health!