Can a dead plant still have a life expectancy? With this move suggested by gardeners it’s very easy: it will be beautiful again.

Dead plants remedy

Having plants at home that embellish the rooms with their scent and color is everyone’s desire. However, each type of plant requires particular care and attention suggested by industry experts. Green thumb or not, it could happen that a plant is on the verge of death or dried up due to some wrong move. Is it possible to bring her back to life? Thanks to this method and these ingredients , in a short time it will return to being as beautiful as it once was.

Almost dead plant? How to take care of house plants

It often happens that a plant can be affected by parasites, can become ill or dry out. The roots can be waterlogged and humidity tends to cause it to die before its time.

The signs are evident and can be seen in the appearance, color and especially on the leaves. In this case, patience, respect for the plant and also giving it time to recover with the help of small, completely natural precautions are essential. The most expert gardeners teach how to take care of these living beings, which should not be considered just decorative elements. It is important to know every characteristic and what all the remedies are in order for them to be healthy and beautiful.

Caring for plants

What are the causes that cause plants to die

The causes of the death of a plant are many and must be sought, above all, in the treatment and in the possible diseases that have affected it . Then there are the parasites that show holes, folds and even swelling of the stem until it dries out before it finally dies.

The leaves should be cleaned at least once a week with soapy water, using a clean cloth soaked in the substance. Also pay attention to excess water, which creates stagnation and causes its roots to rot and then gradually affects the stem and leaves.

Plants in the house

To solve this problem you must stop watering and place the plant in the sun, with direct rays that dry it and bring it back to life.

Bringing a plant back to life: the gardeners’ method

As mentioned, there can be many causes of death and among these also the treatment by the human being. The types are different, each with the need for necessary nutrients, which day after day make it grow and make it beautiful.

The root must be smooth, with white and thick tips: but for some the substrate is also important, varying the nutrition depending on the age and type of plant. To overcome certain problems it is possible to create a completely natural fertilizer, as suggested by expert nurserymen.

Bringing plants back to life

With organic household waste you help not only the environment, but also the plants you have in your home and garden. These will have to be put together and then filtered , obtaining the liquid that will be used as a natural fertilizer.

The steps to follow are these:

  1. Remove all dry leaves and cut the plant at the level of the compost, using sharp plant shears
  2. The vase must now be placed in a bucket of water at room temperature (not frozen)
  3. As soon as there are no more bubbles, you can remove the plant from the bucket and wait until it has eliminated – naturally – all the excess water . Now place it in a cool, bright environment, but without exposing it to direct light. In a short time the plant will come back to life and be even more beautiful than before.