With this natural remedy, which can also be easily made at home, cucumber, tomato and pepper plants will grow healthy and strong.

Compound in plants

With the arrival of summer , the fruits of the earth are appreciated even more , especially if you have the opportunity to grow them in your own garden. Let’s think, for example, of cucumbers , which go perfectly with many tasty foods, but also of tomatoes and peppers , other vegetables that are never lacking on Italian tables. However, as with all plants, even with cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, great care must be taken to ensure that they always grow strong and luxuriant . To always have a large quantity of these foods available, it is good to know all the techniques to guarantee a long life to these plants and make them grow indefinitely.

With this ingredient cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers will grow without stopping

In order to succeed in this aim, many choose to rely on the various chemical remedies that can be easily found in themed shops and sometimes even in ordinary supermarkets. However, experts recommend avoiding using chemical solutions.

Cucumbers and tomatoes

On the contrary, it is certainly better to focus on natural and organic remedies , which can be made at home in just a few minutes. These preparations are very effective and can really revive cucumber, tomato and pepper plants.

Just one of these natural remedies is ideal for making these plants grow very fast and are largely protected from all kinds of diseases.

The first thing to do is get a large container. Inside we are going to place a nice spoonful of sugar , always adding a spoonful of yeast inside the container.

Once this step is completed, let’s also insert some garlic into the container . You’ll need a few wedges, about five or six. The next step is to fill the container with water.

Since about two liters will be needed , the advice is to find a container that can guarantee this capacity. Let’s give a first quick mix and let’s put the preparation inside a blender.

Let the appliance work for a few minutes, so as to blend everything well and have the best possible solution for our plants. After the smoothie, let the natural and organic remedy that we have just prepared rest for about a couple of hours.

The solution will be exceptional for our plants: seeing is believing

Once this time has passed, open the blender and pour the mixture obtained into another container, where we will have inserted a liter of water. We will have to filter the solution , so let’s get a sieve.

Tomato plant

By filtering and diluting the natural preparation within the liter of water found in the container, we will have to obtain a solution of about three litres.

At this point we have our  natural and organic solution available to be applied on cucumber, tomato and pepper plants.

Let’s pour a little of the preparation into a glass and let’s irrigate under the root of these plants , in order to guarantee the necessary nourishment to grow healthy and strong. We repeat this simple operation once every 25-30 days and our plants will grow indefinitely.