This is the season of colours, and tulips in bloom are the undisputed protagonists of spring’s rebirth. Flashy and elegant, they triumph on balconies and terraces, in parks and gardens they stand out like cheerful palettes interrupting emerald green lawns.

They belong to the bulbous family , as do daffodils, hyacinths, freesias, buttercups, etc…

Plant them now, look after them with care, and they will repay you generously from now until the summer by reserving for you an almost painted corner, to be the envy of neighbors and passers-by!

To do this best, try making this truly effective fertilizer , do it yourself and enhanced, with waste materials, at zero cost!

Curious to know more? Let’s begin!


Colorful and lush tulips: here’s how to do it

The ideal soil in which to plant tulips and bulbous plants is well drained and soft, well lit, but not directly exposed to sunlight. Store them in a rather dry place, sheltered from drafts and rain.

Don’t reserve them solid fertilizers, too heavy for their fragile bulb which would tend to feel oppressed and suffocated and would struggle to blossom. Instead, opt for a liquid type, which is lighter and easier to absorb, but don’t exaggerate with the quantities so as not to water them down.

Without having to resort to expensive and unavailable chemical products, you can easily do it yourself, at no cost.

Then get:

  • water, 300 ml
  • banana, 1 peel only
  • coffee, 3 coffee grounds or 3 pods.

The banana provides potassium, which is very useful for making your flowers lush, the coffee releases nitrogen which oxygenates and makes the colors bright.

Place the water, coffee grounds and banana peel cut into small pieces in an airtight container. Close the lid and leave to infuse for 12 hours.

Filter the contents directly into the watering can and use it to wet the soil approximately every fifteen days.

You will see an exceptional flowering!