Coffee grounds, here’s how to use them to nourish your plants and have a lush garden in a short time.

DIY garden fertilizer coffee grounds

Spring is finally arriving, and with it also the desire to see our beautiful and lush garden again after the winter pruning.

In particular, gardening lovers know how important it is to fertilize our plants when spring arrives , to help them grow beautiful and lush and flower abundantly, thus giving us an enviable garden.

There are many types of both liquid and granular fertilizers on the market , specific for example for flowering plants, fruit plants, acidophilic plants, or orchids. Yet many are unaware that we could easily create much cheaper do-it-yourself fertilizers, which have nothing to envy to products bought in specialized shops and which we can only make with our scraps.

But how do you create DIY fertilizers ? Many food waste products can become perfect fertilizers for your plants and one of these is coffee grounds . Using them will be much easier than you think, here’s how.

Do it yourself fertilizer? Use coffee grounds!

DIY garden fertilizer coffee grounds

One of the simplest ways to create a do-it-yourself fertilizer is to use coffee grounds, a perfect compost for our plants, rich in all the nutrients needed to grow beautiful and healthy.

How to use them? just take the coffee grounds and crumble them directly on the ground , or add them to a liter of water to then give to our plants when they need to be watered. In this way we will have created a perfect fertilizer at no cost !

But coffee grounds are not the only food waste from which we can obtain nutrients for our plants.

For example, banana peels are also an excellent natural fertilizer, to be macerated in a jar with water, with which we can then water our plants after about two weeks.

Other fruit and vegetable scraps are also very useful , to be inserted directly into the soil, or crumbled eggshells , which also help to keep snails away!

DIY garden fertilizer coffee grounds

If you have a home composter , you will surely already know that you can use the product obtained to fertilize your garden in a healthy and natural way , without spending anything. You will see that by using DIY fertilizers you will notice that your plants will be increasingly lush, giving you a truly enviable garden!