It is an infallible technique and few people know it: for the cactus it is to be tried immediately, even without a green thumb.


Those who decide to embellish the house or garden with a beautiful cactus, do not know that attention and a minimum of green thumb are needed. Many people think that these succulents do not have certain demands or needs, so much so that it may only take water once in a while. How to protect the cactus? With this method suggested by experts in the field.

How to protect succulents?

From the end of September onwards, all succulents need protection because they loosen their activity. They prepare for cold and rest during the winter. Those who do not observe certain rules may end up with a completely damaged plant, to be saved.


Starting from the end of September, watering must also be decreased with an interval of twice a month every 15 days. Succulents if they have dry soil can withstand the cold much better.

From the end of October it is better to go to decrease once a day. Fertilization, in general, should never be done in October / November. The last fertilization must be rich in potassium sulphate, ideal for strengthening tissues and increasing the resistance of succulents.

Plants of this type must be constantly protected from the cold, activating as early as October when night temperatures are low and difficult to bear. There are succulents that can withstand sub-zero temperatures, but they still need to be protected from damp and rain. It can happen that a plant of this type is damaged and experts reveal a method, known by very few people.

Damaged cacti, the little-known method of experts

In the face of what has been highlighted, how can a damaged cactus be helped and preserved? Through the video tutorials that are on the web of professionals in the sector, you learn an extraordinary method to save a plant damaged by cold or pests.

Cactus method for experts

The first thing to do is to locate the damaged part and take the plant to an experienced nurseryman. Meanwhile, a small part of the plant itself is cut and a container is prepared with soil and essential nourishment. The cut part is planted inside this container and then watered.

It is left to rest in a bright and warm place, until you notice a growth and development of the same. If you look closely, the cut and planted part of the plant will have developed roots. The method then gave birth to a new succulent, saving the undamaged part.

These are, as mentioned above, methods dictated by professionals through video tutorials. For more information or security, the advice is to always contact an expert directly.