Saving money even when cleaning is possible. Once you learn this trick you will no longer be able to do without it.

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Any trick to spend less, even on cleaning , is welcome in a historical moment in which increases are the order of the day.

Cleaning: cross and delight

Doing housework is essential in your home . Especially in a historical moment in which we are emerging from a global pandemic, it seems that cleaning is never enough .

There are those who say they love house cleaning, others, however, hate it. Even cleaning costs money. Not only to buy cleaning products but also for the tools to do the cleaning better.

Many choose to use disposables . An example are sanitizing wipes which, although they cost a little, allow you to clean quickly and effectively in just a few touches. Among other disposable items, a must in the kitchen is the paper roll or cloth, whatever you want to call it. Below, we will see how to use it for much less , even if it is disposable.

house cleaning

How to use less cloth and paper

The paper cloth can be used in the kitchen and for cleaning. As far as cooking is concerned, it is very useful, for example, for absorbing excess oil from certain preparations, such as frying. For cleaning, it can help clean dirt caused by food residues, or to clean windows and other surfaces quickly, even with the help of detergents.

Especially in large families, it may happen that several rolls are used within a month. Yet the trick to saving exists and we will explain it to you below. First of all, you will need a family-sized roll, large and tall enough.

paper cloth

Next, you will need a cutting board and a kitchen knife. You may be wondering what these two tools are for. You will need them to cut the roll in two . Even though it may seem the size of toilet paper, your paper towel will now retain its same function but can be used twice as often.

The roll will last you longer even if you remember to fold the paper on itself several times, so as to use it on both sides. Furthermore, remember that you will put less waste into the environment if, instead of paper cloth, you use a classic cloth towel.

The latter will be useful above all for absorbing water. For example, dishwater or drops left by your careless child. In any case, dividing the roll of paper towels will give you the feeling of having double the product at your disposal and (perhaps) releasing less waste into the environment, even if, essentially, this is not the case. Seeing is believing.