Would you like to have Bougainvillea plants and decorate your home with its magnificent flowers? Use the banana trick.

Banana slice on a twig

Splendid plant belonging to the Nyctaginaceae family, Bougainvillea is very widespread in Italy and can be easily grown outdoors, particularly in the southern regions.

This plant blooms between summer and autumn and is colored with many small brightly colored flowers . Excellent for planting in the vegetable garden, in the garden, or to use to decorate exteriors and make them even more beautiful, bougainvillea is easy to reproduce via cutting, or from branches .

To obtain certain results and have infinite propagation of the plant, nurserymen use the so-called banana method , a trick that allows everyone to reproduce the plant in a very simple way. But what is it for? And how to carry out the procedure? Here’s all the information you need to put the banana trick into practice and propagate bougainvillea endlessly!


What is needed to propagate Bougainvillea branches

To propagate Bouganvillea branches you need things that are easy to find , here are the ones:

  • A banana
  • A hacksaw
  • A clear plastic cup
  • A bag and a plastic band
  • A pair of pruning shears
  • Some soil
  • A pot with soil

Procedure for reproducing Bouganvillea

Carrying out the procedure to obtain Bougainvillea plants endlessly is quite simple , just follow the instructions step by step. Here’s how to do it:

  • Locate a mature branch of the plant and make an incision with the hacksaw approximately 4 cm long
  • Remove any small leaves to have a free branch
  • Cut a slice of banana and place it with all the peel in the middle of the incision
  • Open the plastic cup on one side only , make a small hole in the center and place it on the engraved branch, making it close around it
  • Fill the glass with soil, taking care that it is well humidified and that the bottom is full
  • Complete the operation by adding the soil to the mouth , making it adhere to the branch by pressing with your hands

At this point, take a black plastic bag and wrap it over the glass, then securing it with a cable tie. Wait a month, then remove the cable tie and plastic bag. As you can see from the transparent glass, the roots will have emerged and therefore all you have to do is cut the branch and plant it in a vase.


How to plant bougavillea branch in pot

Remove the plastic cup completely and after preparing a medium-sized pot, with well-drained soil inside , place the root ball in the center . Arrange it well and adhere the soil in the pot around it. Finally, water the soil and you will see that your bougainvillea plant will grow lush.

To obtain excellent results, use some tricks that will be useful for having wonderful plants in a short time. For example, make sure that the scissors are well sharpened and disinfected when cutting .

Furthermore, remember that these plants should not be watered every day , but only when the soil in the pot is dry. To check, just touch it with your hands!