But how much do we like Bougainvillea ?

During the summer we see it cheer up walls and hedges with its cascades of colored flowers and the desire to have it at home becomes irresistible.


Cultivating it is not difficult, as long as the climate is taken into account : being a plant of tropical origin, it needs the right temperatures.

Here are some cultivation and pruning tips.

Boungainvillea: cultivation advice

Many types of Bougainvillea are climbers and lend themselves to being inserted in the ground, others, including in particular the buttiana variety, lend themselves to cultivation in pots.

Precisely the preparation of the vase or container that will house the plant is the basis for starting off on the right foot.

Bougainvillea fears stagnation: to avoid this, place a layer of expanded clay, gravel or shards on the bottom, which will help the water flow.

Then fill with fresh, soft and aerated soil.

The easiest way to propagate Bougainvillea is by cutting: cut a sprig about ten centimeters long from an adult specimen and insert it directly into the ground.

Alternatively, you can place it in a pot filled with sand and peat.

Seeds can also be used or seedlings that have already grown can be transplanted, provided this takes place in spring, when the climatic conditions are ideal for this type of plant.

Bougainvillea is a rather resistant plant and is not easy prey to disease, but aphids and scale insects  are always lurking.

Bougainvillea: pruning

Bougainvillea tends to grow and expand rapidly, therefore timely pruning is essential.

Do this:

  • to trim potted bushes , cut the tips
  • for climbers, it is necessary to eliminate the weakest and/or irregular branches by about a third. Use the secateurs keeping the blades at a slight angle to the branch.

With these few simple precautions, the plant will grow healthy and vigorous and remain intact for a long time.