How beautiful orchids are, especially when they are super blooming!

It seems simple to grow them, but it’s not really like that!

For an apparent little thing, the twigs with their wonderful buds still closed can suddenly drop. When this happens, not everyone knows that it would be important to point the new stem in the right direction. In fact, if left to its own devices, it could grow towards the floor. Due to the force of gravity and the weight of the new shoots, it would risk breaking again: a dog biting its tail and jeopardizing the health of the seedling!

How then to avoid further damage and recover all the beauty of this plant?

Curious? Let’s begin!

Beautiful and flowering orchids: a pinch of this ingredient is enough.

Beautiful, flowering orchids: just a pinch of this ingredient. Curious?

If the orchid has a broken branch , observe and analyze the severity of the damage as before.

If the sprig is still attached to only part of the stem, remove it completely. This will allow a new sprout, perhaps less full of shoots than the previous one, but still pleasant to look at.

Only use sterilized shears in order to guarantee a clean and aseptic cut, which will favor the new casting.

And then? Seal the wound of the plant using this phenomenal ingredient: cinnamon! Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, you will prevent the possible onset of infections or diseases.

Use the powdered one with which you flavor your special recipes and simply spread it on the breaking point. In this way you will create a sort of “band-aid” useful for healing the wound in a very short time, also promoting the regrowth of a new shoot.

Now take care of the plant which needs some time to recover its strength, water it occasionally and spray the leaves and stems with fresh water.

If you want to speed up its recovery even further, click here for another sure-fire remedy for the beauty of your orchid! Word of Not Just Recycling!

super flowering orchids just a 2 is enough