Bay leaves, immerse them in a jar full of oil and discover the innumerable and immediate benefits. You’ll never believe it, you’ll never go back.

Bay leaves and oil

We give you a tip that will definitely change your life. Here’s what benefits soaking bay leaves in a jar of oil can bring . You will be left speechless.

Bay leaves, all the benefits you don’t expect

Nature is able to offer many natural remedies to feel good and treat our body in a simple way. Sometimes we underestimate the power of mother nature which, with its fruits and herbs or plants, is capable of solving many problems. Consider bay leaves, for example.


Do you know that they have extraordinary properties ? You certainly didn’t know most of them. Laurel is not only used to season dishes but is a natural and ancient medical remedy, truly extraordinary.

Rich in citric acid, tannins, flavonoids, steroids and essential oils , it belongs to the Lauraceae family. There are as many as 25,000 species worldwide. Although its use mostly occurs in the kitchen, for example to flavor soups or stews or to season fish and legumes, in reality the bay plant has other beneficial properties.

Did you know that bay leaves can reduce anxiety ? Scientific studies have shown that by burning bay leaves, the chemical compound that comes out of them is able to have a calming effect on the brain.

But that is not all. Bay leaves are also natural anti-inflammatories capable of flaming the joints and also have a vasoconstrictor action , therefore regulating blood circulation and relaxing nervous impulses.

By the way, if you are able to make a herbal tea with bay leaves , we assure you that your migraine or headache will pass in a few seconds. But what happens if we put bay leaves in a jar of oil? You will be speechless at the final result.

Oil and bay leaves: immediate benefits for the body

We said earlier that there are numerous benefits that bay leaves can bring to our body. More and more people are trying this experiment: putting bay leaves in a jar full of oil. For what reason?

Laurel and oil

What happens? We’ll tell you. This experiment will prove to be truly effective for treating joint pain . In which way? We also said it a few lines above: bay leaves are natural anti-inflammatories capable of reducing inflammation and especially inflammation of the joints.

You can also consume bay leaves dried. They help clean our bronchi and lungs by purifying them and acting on any inflammation of the stomach and intestines . Furthermore, bay leaves also eliminate oral cavity infections and purify breath as well as clean teeth.

There are no side effects except in the case of pregnancy or breastfeeding because blood liquefaction could occur . Let’s now move on to making the recipe to treat varicose veins and joint pain.

You will need a small jar of extra virgin olive oil and twenty bay leaves . Place the latter in a saucer, take a spice grinder or a mixer and start blending them . You will see that a green powder will be created.

Now transfer this ground mixture into a glass jar and pour 100 ml of pure oil over it . Mix well. At this point, pour a glass of cold water into a small pot and place your jar inside the pot and cover with the lid.

Light the heat and bring the contents to the boil, taking care that the oil does not boil. After thirty minutes, turn off the heat and remove our jar from the pan.

Let our oil cool and start using it after filtering it with a strainer into another glass jar. At this point, take a cotton pad (which you will dip in the solution created) and pass it over the painful areas or where you have varicose veins.

You will see that after 10 minutes the joint pain will have almost completely disappeared  and the pulsating varicose veins will no longer bother you. See how easily you can treat pain and inflammation?

Laurel oil