If you have a garden or the possibility of having land where you can plant a fruit plant, you can think about preparing the plant yourself , such as the apple tree, for example. This plant is simple to produce, all you need to do is take the seeds from a very ripe apple first. This detail allows you to be almost certain that the seeds will germinate quickly.

Apple plant: from seed to plant, how to grow it at home

Apple plant: from seed to plant, how to grow it at home

Once you have obtained the apple, it is necessary to take the seeds, but in order not to damage them, cut it almost in half, therefore not going all the way to the center with the knife and then rotate it and it will split into two parts, leaving the seeds intact. Once you have collected the seeds, get a glass or plastic container and a small cloth napkin.

Place the napkin in the chosen container, place the seeds you have collected inside and close the napkin. Then spray with plenty of water using a spray bottle and then close the container. Then place it in a part of the house full of light , but not in the sun. After 10 days go and check the seeds and you will find that some of them have already sprouted.

Then take a small pot with a diameter of about 10 cm. Put new soil inside. Make a hole in the center and place the seed with the root downwards and the head facing upwards to a depth of about 3 centimetres. Then spray the soil with a spray bottle and plenty of water . Place the jar in the light, but not directly in the sun.

After two days you will see that the seed head will appear and as the days go by the plant will be stronger and stronger and will grow visibly. After 3 months you will see a lush plant in the pot. By around 6 months it will have reached a height of about ten centimetres. The seedling will have to become larger and more robust before being grafted . After a few years it will be able to give you delicious fruits.