Anthurium, here’s how to make lots of little flowers bloom. With this liquid, within a few days, your plant will be an explosion of colors.


Do you want to see your anthurium bloom in just a few days ? Then you will need this liquid : only in this way will the flowers multiply in a flash.

Anthurium, all the characteristics of this indoor plant

Anthurium is a beautiful plant to have in your home . Even if you are not an expert in gardening or if you don’t have a green thumb, you can take care of it in a really simple way just by following a few instructions.


This plant known scientifically as Anthurium Andreanum , is also perfect for interiors. With the right care, it can even bloom all year round . Its colorful flowers and heart-shaped or pointed leaves give elegance and refinement to every room in your home.

Among the best known species, there are Anthurium Andreanum and Anthurium Scherzerianum . The first species has an extraordinary inflorescence and has vigorous and large leaves with very bright colors. Instead, the second presents itself with beautiful orange-red flowers and leathery leaves.

If you also have an anthurium but have not yet been able to witness the extraordinary spectacle of flowering , it is because you are probably not taking care of it properly.

Did you know that just one ingredient can save your plant ? Here’s what you need so that your anthurium can bloom in just a few days.

The secret ingredient for incredible flowering

Anthurium flowering can occur at any time of the year, especially if you give this plant the right care. However, it is not certain that everyone will be able to witness the extraordinary spectacle of flowering.

Anthurium in bloom

Is this perhaps your case? Have you purchased or been given a species of anthurium that does not hunt flowers? You’re probably not treating it right. However, we will tell you a secret. Continue reading this contribution to find out which ingredient is needed to have many little flowers in just a few days.

Have we piqued your curiosity? Then we will immediately reveal the trick to having an anthurium full of flowers . You won’t need anything other than oat flour . Yes, this is the magic ingredient that will allow your plant to flower in no time.

Oats are a natural fertilizer that will help even the most stubborn plants fill with colorful flowers. Rich in dietary fibre, minerals, proteins and vitamins , oat flour must also be an integral part of our diet.

If it is true that it brings numerous benefits to our body , it is equally realistic to say that plants will also be able to benefit from all the healthy properties of this ingredient.

How to make your own homemade recipe? You only need a few minutes. Pour 3 tablespoons of oat flour into a mixer and then add a liter of water , preferably filtered. Mix everything at maximum speed and there you go: pour the product into a nebulizer and start watering your anthurium.

Experts recommend using this homemade fertilizer once every 15 days. You can also wet the leaves of your plant which will immediately regain a bright color and shine.

Flowering oatmeal plant

Oat flour will not only help the plant grow healthier and stronger but the high content of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron will also ensure immediate flowering.

Do you also know that oat flour also protects your anthurium from attack by insects and parasites ? Especially snails, which are often the main enemies of this extraordinary plant.

Very few people know this technique. However, the experts wanted to share it with  gardening lovers precisely to ensure that the spectacle of flowering can amaze everyone.

Obviously, you need to take the best care of your anthurium by also following some simple tips . It is true that this species is easy to grow given that it is a houseplant but it still requires particular attention .

For example, did you know that if you place it in a room where there is central heating it could wilt within a few days? Remember that it is a plant that comes from the tropical South American jungle and therefore needs more water than other plants such as those that grow in a Mediterranean climate.

The advice of green thumb experts is to water frequently not only the soil of your anthurium but also the leaves using filtered or low-calcareous water.

If you place it in a humid environment, remember to use a dehumidifier which will serve you not only for the well-being of your home but also for the survival of your anthurium.

Also pay attention to light and temperature . The anthurium must be located in a humid environment but also in a very bright area. The perfect place to put it? Near a window where the sun reaches but without directly hitting the plant which could risk burning. In short, these small precautions will guarantee you a plant with many little flowers all year round