Just put these aspirins in the plants, wait a little more than five minutes and then wonder: this is exactly what happens.

aspirin in plants

The drug does not only have a known intended use. Its active ingredients and properties can also extend to plants, acting not only as a nutrient but also as a fertilizer. These are little tricks used by professional nurserymen, after discovering how good it is to put aspirin in plants. There’s no point in beating around the bush, thanks to this medicine after a few minutes the plant will show something incredible.

Aspirins in plants, the method of nurserymen

Nurserymen try to give all kinds of advice to those with a green thumb and to those who want to learn. In any case, there are some little unknown tricks that can become must-haves for plant care.

Aspirin is normally used to treat head pain or to limit blood clots, however it is also excellent for plants in the home or garden. The active ingredient of this medicine is acetylsalicylic acid.

Aspirins in plants

The US Department of Agriculture has conducted some studies, highlighting how plants can live longer by fighting diseases thanks to aspirin. That’s not all, in fact other studies have highlighted the properties of the medicine for orchards. The plants grow faster, the fruits are healthy and beautiful, affected by much fewer diseases throughout the year.

What are the benefits of aspirin for the plant?

For this reason, experts recommend putting aspirin in plants even when it comes to those in the garden or at home. The benefits are many and after just five minutes from application you can experience a radical change in the plant .

The salicylic acid contained in aspirin is a boon for the roots, with fast propagation. To help the plant, simply dissolve the aspirin in a cup of water and then immerse the cutting inside. After an hour you will already be able to see the first benefits.

It also works on germination, with one tablet in 5 liters of water to improve the flowers but also for the plants in the garden.

Plant care with aspirin

Aspirin increases plant growth exponentially, as discovered by the University of Rhode Island . After spraying the solution rich in aspirin and water, once a month or with a three-week break, there was fast and healthy growth of the flowers and fruits. Nurserymen recommend applying the same system.

The medicine can also be inserted into the soil of the plant, up to 5 tablets, and then watered as usual. This is a unique method of being able to provide nourishment and protection in just five minutes.

Not least is the fact that it is capable of treating plants when attacked by fungi. To cure or counteract, simply dissolve the aspirin in water and then spray it on the entire plant or on the affected areas. If in doubt, contact your trusted nursery directly, so that you can have beautiful and healthy plants.