To safeguard cucumbers from possible pest attack we can plant some beneficial plants nearby.

plant near cucumbers

With the arrival of summer, green thumb enthusiasts start sowing some plants that produce excellent vegetables, such as cucumbers. This food is always highly recommended by nutritionists, since it has many beneficial properties. The large presence of water and fiber allows the intestine to always remain very clean, avoiding the swelling of the belly. In addition, they are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action, without forgetting how important they are for the regulation of blood pressure.

With these plants no more pests for cucumbers

For all these reasons, growing a cucumber plant is undoubtedly a good move. In this way you can enjoy not only the properties of cucumbers, but also the excellent flavor of this vegetable that goes perfectly with many dishes.


However, to make sure that the plant grows lush and without obstacles you need to know some tricks. For example, it is important to know that they love sunlight, but also constant humidity.

In addition to these aspects, which we must certainly take into account, it is also appropriate to pay attention to another detail. Cucumbers, in fact, must be protected from possible attacks by pests, which can quickly destroy the crop.

Think for example of the dreaded cucumber beetles, often responsible for the destruction of these plants. In addition, you have to be very careful about powdery mildew, a trophic disease caused by Ascomycota fungi.

How to solve this problem? Generally cucumber growers decide to buy some products that can be easily found on the market, such as fungicides and pesticides. These are certainly very effective substances, but the advice is always to rely on natural remedies, possibly based on prevention.

To make sure that cucumbers are not attacked by pests it is necessary to plant beneficial plants nearby, which will provide great protection to the adjacent plant.

In this way, not only will the most dangerous pests be repelled, but pollination will also be facilitated. To make cucumbers grow faster and better resist pests you can resort to different plants.

All plants to defend them from pests

To safeguard cucumbers you can use green beans, a legume that helps improve soil quality by guaranteeing the soil nitrogen from the air, essential to promote growth.

Beneficial plants for cucumbers

Corn is also an element to be taken into account for this operation, since its root system breaks the hard soil and improves the structure of the soil. In addition, corn attracts beneficial insects such as ladybugs and wasps that feed on pests.

To ensure long life to cucumbers you can also use celery, a plant that can repel pests such as ants, fleas and harmful worms. In addition, celery improves taste and aroma.

Parsley is also ideal for repelling some dangerous pests, including worms and ants, as well as improving flavor and growth. Finally, the last tip is to plant dill near cucumbers. Dill is in fact a plant capable of repelling pests such as snails and mites.

Experts advise against growing tomato or potato plants near those of cucumbers, as they may be affected by the same pests.