The secret to not spending more money is only one: wellness and cleaning professionals reveal it to everyone.

orange peel

DIY product is the secret revealed by home and wellness professionals. You will no longer have to spend money to buy them and you can also get a great result in many different ways. The ingredients you need are not many and the cost is zero, because everyone is already available. Let’s find out together what they are and how to prepare this excellent secret so as not to spend money?

Secret to not spending money: the ingredients

It is a secret today revealed by professionals in the sector, to spend less money and have the house completely clean. The products that can be easily found at home, meet a natural ingredient to use to make this substance powerful and cleansing: orange peel.

Secret orange peel

The ingredients to create this substance are:

  • A scoop of dishwashing detergent;
  • A scoop of floor detergent;
  • Orange peel;
  • 1 scoop of household alcohol.

Take a bowl and pour into the measuring cup of dishwashing detergent adding the orange zest. Put everything tooth in the blender and go on until you get a soft liquid substance of orange color. To this are added all the other ingredients and mix until they have met each other.

The substance can be poured into a spray container to:

  • Sanitize the upholstery;
  • Sanitize the curtains;
  • Clean floors and surfaces.

Not only a very high level of cleanliness but also the possibility of being able to have a delicious orange scent at home.

Why use orange peel?

The orange peel is often thrown away, and it is a very serious mistake. Its cleaning properties blend with healing and antibacterial ones. For this reason, the zest should always be used both in the culinary field and for cleaning the house.

This part has a high content of lemongrass, Vitamin C, citric acid, pectins, hesperindin and fellandrene. Among its properties to mention certainly the antibacterial and detoxifying, as well as an incredible wealth of natural fragrance that embellishes the environments.

Orange peel benefits

The orange peel  is also used for the individual well-being of people, in fact it is rich in Vitamin C as well as being an ally against cholesterol, bad breath and intestinal regularity.

It is certainly an excellent ingredient – organic – that from now on will have to be preserved. If during the winter its power is used to spread the scent throughout the house, experts highlight how to use it for cleaning environments if mixed with other ingredients.

The advice is to use only untreated organic fruit peels, without pesticides and preservatives.