This natural fertilizer will make your plants grow really fast. Making it is extremely simple: once you have learned this recipe, you will no longer buy it in the store.

Natural fertilizer to make plants grow quickly

Are you looking for a natural fertilizer that makes the plants in your vegetable garden or garden grow suddenly? Make it with your own hands: you save money and take care of your green jewelry in an ecological way.

How to make a super effective natural fertilizer

To grow plants suddenly it is necessary to sometimes resort to the use of fertilizers. There are many on the market, but many are chemical and this is obviously not good, especially for the environment.

If your organic conscience pushes you in the direction of ecological cultivation and fertilization, then we advise you to continue reading this contribution. Today you will learn to make with your own hands a natural fertilizer that will allow your plants to grow quickly and hunt flowers, and possibly fruits, in abundance.

Ecological fertilization

The procedure that we will explain to you shortly is really very simple to follow. We guarantee that once you try this remedy, you will not be able to do without it. Nature provides us with ingredients and products that alone have such important properties that they are equivalent to chemical ones in terms of functionality but without causing the damage of the latter.

If you are curious to discover the method to make your plants grow quickly, then we tell you right away that 2 are the ingredients you need to procure. Here they are.

The incredible recipe to make plants grow fast

If you want to fertilize your plants naturally then you have to try this technique. We are sure that after trying it you will no longer buy any fertilizer in the store.

Two ingredients you need to get: a potato and cloves. How do I proceed? First you will cut a potato in half and inside one of the two, you will add 5 cloves.

At this point, put your potato with cloves in a blender, add 1 liter of water and activate the mixer for at least 2 minutes. You will get a liquid solution that you will need to filter and transfer to a nebulizer. Your natural fertilizer is ready! Spray it on the soil of your plants once every 30 days.

Why do a potato and cloves help your plants grow? Obviously because of their inedible natural properties that combined, guarantee even better results.

Potato and cloves to make a natural fertilizer

In particular, potatoes are rich in potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals that are essential for the plant to grow. Even the peel of this tuber, which we usually throw away, is a reality rich in nutrients.

If you notice that your plants are struggling to grow or have curled leaves, they probably lack minerals and especially potassium. In this case, you can also make another inexpensive and effective natural fertilizer.

Put the skins of at least 5 potatoes in a pot containing 2 liters of water. Bring and boil. Let everything cool and filter the liquid contained in the pot into a nebulizer. The water will have absorbed all the beneficial properties of potato skins and therefore potassium and other mineral salts.

You can spray this solution on the soil of your plants: if wilted they will recover and start hunting for flowers and fruits. Clove, on the other hand, are perfect not only to fertilize the soil but also to remove pests and harmful insects from plants that prevent the plant from growing well and quickly.

Aphids, mealybugs, snails and whiteflies are the most dangerous pests that put plant health at risk. A diseased plant will not be able to grow well, bloom or bear fruit. Cloves certainly help you to make the soil more fertile but at the same time also to create a barrier against pests.

You can also pour a handful of them into the ground and cover them with another thin layer of earth. Then water. You will have healthy plants and protected from dangerous insects. So if we combine these two ingredients, a powerful natural fertilizer comes out. It will allow you to finally say goodbye to chemical and toxic ones.

Caring for plants is not easy. You have to give them a lot of care, fertilize them when necessary and irrigate them correctly. Did you know that often a plant struggles to grow due to water stress?

Have you ever heard of it? Even if the soil is well fertilized but you do not know how to manage the water load, it can block the  growth of the plant, its flowering and possibly its fruiting.

You need to study the characteristics and properties of the plants in your garden and garden and understand how much water they need. If you are good at avoiding water stress, fertilizing plants in the correct way and with the right nutrients, exposing them to sunlight or rather in a cool and dry place depending on their needs, then you will guarantee a long and healthy life to your plants.