This nutrient immediately doubles the yield of the tomato. Follow these directions to have a super bountiful harvest. Here is the secret that will change your cultivation technique.

This nutrient doubles the yield of tomatoes

Do your tomato plants bear few fruits? Don’t panic! Add this nutrient before planting: only then immediately doubles the yield.

Tomato plants, how to care for them in the best way

Tomatoes are undoubtedly among the vegetables that we most often bring to our tables. If you don’t have a balcony, garden or vegetable garden to grow tomato plants, you will undoubtedly buy these pulpy red fruits at the supermarket or from the greengrocer.

Tomato plant

On the contrary, if you have the possibility of a small plot of land, we are sure that a space will be dedicated precisely to the cultivation of the tomato plant.

Taking care of it is not easy at all. It is undoubtedly a plant that requires a lot of dedication and attention. It needs a lot of light to grow well and enough water, especially in summer.

If your tomato plant is also struggling to hunt for fruit, you should probably take actionAdd this nutrient before planting: so it immediately doubles the yield of the tomato. If you follow our advice to the letter, you will see that you too will be able to bring many tomatoes to your table.

Manure as a natural fertilizer

Caring for a tomato plant is not easy, we know. Many times, even if you spend time, passion and patience you can not bring these tasty red fruits to your table or at least not abundantly.

We are here today to reveal the secret that will change your cultivation technique. Add this nutrient before planting: only then doubles the yield of tomato. Here are all the tips you can’t live without.

The first thing to know is that tomatoes grow well in arid soil but that it contains all the nutrients necessary for the plant. You should start preparing your soil in autumn, plowing it perfectly and fertilizing it in a natural way for example with compost or manure.

Manure to fertilize the soil

Even during planting you need to add some nutrients that will serve your plant to grow healthy and vigorous. A nourished plant is a fertile plant, ready to give you many fruits in abundance.

Before burying your tomato seedlings, be sure to fertilize the soil with organic material such as manure. The latter is nothing more than a natural and waste organic product. It is important for feeding agricultural crops and increasing their yield.

You should know that manure – used as fertilizer – contains so many valuable elements and nutrients that plants assimilate. We are talking about magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and other trace elements. Manure also contains microorganisms and bacteria, a precious food source necessary for the development of the microflora of the subsoil.

This nutrient doubles the yield of tomatoes

But there is also another natural element that you can use as fertilizer: the ash that is obtained from the combustion of wood. It is precisely this nutrient that will increase the yield of your tomatoes.

Ash is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and potassium and is perfect for fertilizing tomato plants. It also contains nitrogen, which evaporates during combustion.

Ash to double the yield of tomato

In the initial phase of growth, the one in which roots and stem develop, tomato plants will need above all potassium and magnesium, nutrients of which the ash is rich.

It is mistakenly believed that nitrogen-potassium fertilizers can help the plant produce more fruit. This is not the case and we explain why. An excess of nitrogen leads to an overfeeding of the plant that will quickly develop stem and leaves but not fruits: with supplements of this kind, fruiting delays and increases the risk for the plant to contract diseases.

Ash, on the other hand, will be the perfect nutrient to increase the  yield of the tomato. The manganese of which it is rich, for example, helps to improve the absorption of carbon dioxide.

Copper, on the other hand, improves the metabolism of proteins and carbohydratesCalcium stimulates metabolic processes. Did you know that ash generates an alkaline reaction? This is essential to bring the soil to have a neutral pH and allow the plant to grow quickly.

But how should you use this nutrient to really get results? Here’s what you need to do. After preparing the soil, make grooves and spread a little manure. Then add the ash and cover everything with another thin layer of earth.

In doing so, the roots of tomatoes will come into contact with all the nutrients necessary for their growth. How do you adjust for dosage? For each groove made you will need to pour 3 tablespoons of ash.

In general, you will need at least 150 grams of ash for every square meter of soil. Remember to always sprinkle the ashes on moistened soil.

Then prepare a solution consisting of 100 grams of ash that you will pour into 10 liters of water: this solution will be the liquid feed of your plants. Feed with this mixture your tomatoes and you will see what a result. The ash is extraordinary. Really this nutrient doubles the yield of tomato in no time.