Did you know that just adding something to the cucumber can double its yield in just a week? Let’s find out what to add once a month for lush cucumber growth!

plaster and plants
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If you like cucumbers and want to grow them, it doesn’t take much to obtain a magnificent yield from the plant. By adding simple school chalk you can double the growth and obtain many more cucumbers to consume nice and fresh. Let’s find out how to use this product!

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What is plaster used for?

Cucumbers can be grown outdoors or in greenhouses, but regardless of the choice they need fundamental nourishment such as that provided by chalk. In fact, this substance makes the soil even more suitable for growing vegetables, neutralizes acidity and improves soil structure .

In its composition, chalk contains substances useful for nourishing vegetables and therefore also cucumbers, such as calcium, a substance that cucumbers require in large quantities to grow and develop.

The high source of calcium contained in chalk is therefore essential for improving the quantity and quality of the crop Especially during fruit formation, if the calcium needed to make them grow luxuriantly is lacking, rot problems can arise and the crop could shrink and go bad.

Gypsum already occurs naturally in the soil, but sometimes it is not enough to provide cucumbers with all the calcium they need to ensure magnificent growth. To make up for this deficiency, it is possible to water cucumbers and other vegetables with a homemade chalk fertilizer, following a simple procedure. Here’s how to do it.

How to make chalk fertilizer

To prepare gypsum fertilizer you need a few ingredients, here are them:

  • 200 grams of chalk;
  • 10 liters of warm water.

Gypsum must be ground before use, a procedure necessary to completely dissolve the substance in the water and distribute it evenly in the ground . In addition to calcium, dissolved gypsum will also provide plants with very important substances such as silicon and magnesium, essential for healthy growth.

To grind the chalk, place it in a zip-top plastic bag and place it on a cutting board. Using a wooden hammer or a meat tenderizer, press down on the plaster forcefully several times until it turns to powder.

Once you have obtained the chalk powder, pour it into the warm water that you have placed in a container. You can carry out this operation by reducing the doses, taking into account that 50 grams of chalk are needed for 2.5 liters of warm water.

Cucumber plant
Cucumber plant – Imilanesi.Nanopress.it

How to use fertilizer for cucumber

Once you have placed the chalk powder in the warm water, carefully mix the solution and let it rest for 10 minutes. Once the time has passed, mix again and let it rest for another ten minutes . At this point, put the liquid obtained in the watering can and irrigate the cucumber plants, making the product reach the ground near the plant as best as possible.

Water the cucumbers with this solution once a month , preferably in the evening hours , and you will see that the harvest will be more abundant, even doubling after just one week .

The nutrients contained in chalk will immediately become effective and will allow you to grow many other vegetables in the best possible way, to always have abundant harvests and healthy products to bring to the table. Whether you use this fertilizer on cucumbers grown outdoors or in greenhouses, you will be able to rid them of the gray rot that prevents them from growing healthily.

If you water your cucumbers correctly with chalk, you will give these plants the nourishment they need to develop and multiply, since the soil is made better for this crop . At the same time, you should know that when planting, chalk protects cucumbers from a large number of pests, thus keeping them away from plants and protecting them from dangerous attacks.