A teaspoon in dry plants: here’s what we need to do if we want our plants to heal completely and quickly. A trick that you must follow to the letter that you will never stop using.

Spice powder

Plant enthusiasts often find themselves having to solve the problem of dry plants. Not everyone can find remedies as useful and effective as what you will find here. So here is an extremely valid remedy to heal your plants when they are damaged and dry. With this method you will be amazed by the results obtained! Everything you need to know right below.

What to do when the plants have dried up: first useful information

Many people love taking care of the plants they have in their homes. For some, taking care of their plants is really essential, precisely because the love that is nurtured in these cases can be so great that they want to find a solution at all costs so that they can heal immediately and without too many problems.

In fact, sometimes it happens that you find them dry and, at this point, you need to find the most efficient solution to make them heal in the best way. Possibly quickly.

Dry plants

Here is therefore a certainly valid and safe way to treat this particular problem, when the ruined plant is that of an orchid. The first step to carry out in these cases is undoubtedly to remove all those leaves that appear completely rotten .

This is a decisive phase that cannot be overlooked, considering that infected leaves should be kept away from other orchid plants.

Therefore it is essential to cut all those leaves that are clearly damaged and which can infect the rest of the plant as well, if left in place.

Once this has been done, we will move on to cutting the flowers in such a way as to allow the orchids to revive.

Alternatively, the stems of the flowers can also be cut and, after having carried out these first operations, it is possible to proceed by rinsing the plant with water , so as to perfectly clean the healthy leaves.

During this phase it is essential to remove all fertilizers present in the plant , also cleaning all the roots.

At the beginning, the execution of these first treatments that must be done is very important, before moving on to the next phase which corresponds exactly to the one useful for reinvigorating dry and damaged plants.

A foolproof method with a teaspoon in dry plants: that’s what we’re talking about

So after having carried out the procedures indicated previously, we will continue by sprinkling the cinnamon powder on the cuts made initially.


This is an operation to be carried out meticulously, spreading the cinnamon powder into the interstices of the leaves that are not infected.

Furthermore, you will need to sprinkle cinnamon powder on all the roots of the orchids .

This phase can be made easier by using a practical spoon to pour the cinnamon a little at a time onto the plant in the points just indicated.

As you can see, it is a totally natural and very simple remedy to make, which can greatly benefit the plants you have on your balconies or in your garden.

During this specific work, the most important moment is the one concerning the covering of the cut areas of the plant, using precisely the cinnamon powder which is an amazing ingredient to make your plants recover. Did you ever think that you could just use a teaspoon of cinnamon powder ?

Here are the next steps to carry out on the plants: details not to be overlooked

Once you have done everything you found described above, then you will have to respect a particular deadline. In fact, for a minimum of ten days and a maximum of 15 days , it will not be necessary to water the treated plants.

In addition, in this period of time it will not even be possible to do the fertilization work .

In the meantime, the plants treated by this method must be placed in a sufficiently illuminated place, but without direct sunlight which could be harmful to the plant.

Once 10 days have passed, you will immediately notice a marked improvement in your plant . In fact, you will find that the disease that struck her is totally cured. This will also be seen through the growth of new leaves .

At this point you will need another product to use to treat your plants, namely vitamin B1 tablets . Of these you will have to take 5 to mix them in a liter of water .


With this solution obtained thanks to the use of vitamin B1, you can water your plants every 2 weeks .

Before watering, it is essential to place the pot inside a container that will collect excess water. In fact, the latter will be the one that will come out of the pot while you water the plant.

You can also continue the same process with the other plants, always placing them one at a time in this special bowl and then watering them with the solution prepared with water and vitamin B1 tablets .

Based on everything you have found previously described in detail, you have been able to ascertain how effective the natural methods used for plant care are. Among other things, these are methodologies which, compared to the chemical ones that can be found in the commercial sector, are not harmful to the environment and to people’s well-being.

Not to mention the fact that they are certainly much cheaper and at the same time allow you to obtain exceptional results. As happens when you use the simple solution explained here, using cinnamon powder .

Concluding thoughts: a teaspoon in dry plants

A teaspoon in the dried plants and you’re done! We told you, didn’t we? Here you need to follow what has just been said to the letter and your plants will return to being beautiful and radiant.

In short, those who don’t really know how to behave in the face of these problems can now only breathe a sigh of relief, because the method just presented in addition to being natural is really effective. You won’t regret trying this, in fact your plants will thank you!