An incredible recipe with sodium bicarbonate for the garden as the absolute protagonist, which will allow you to regenerate your plants.

Handful of ingredient

Here’s how you’ll need to use this common ingredient, found in every home, to make your plants grow strong and lush.

Dull and dry plants, how to fix it

Each of us would like to have a green and colorful garden with lush plants that allow us to breathe pure air and enjoy the shade. Sometimes, however, this is not always the case.

Plants often have a dull and dry appearance, which does not allow us to enjoy our garden. However, there are some truly infallible remedies.

Dull and dry plants

If we want our garden to return to what it once was, we can, first of all, buy or make an organic fertilizer. Adding it to the soil of our plants is essential, because it allows us to nourish them in the best way.

In fact, in addition to light and air, plants absorb all the nutrients present in the soil. Therefore, giving it substances such as potassium and magnesium is a gift that you will also give to your plant.

Another way to help plants grow is to place them close to other plants, creating real combinations. These vegetables, in fact, are able to help each other.

For example, strawberries grow very well next to garlic, cabbage and leeks, while they grow very poorly next to potatoes. Thyme grows very well next to wild strawberries, rosemary and sage, while very bad next to basil.

But there is a miracle ingredient that is a real lifesaver for your garden. Here’s what we’re talking about, we’re sure you all have it in your kitchen.

Use baking soda for the garden

Not everyone knows it, but it is possible  to use sodium bicarbonate for the garden and in particular to counteract the presence of pathogens . In general, it is effective against all those diseases that compromise the health of our garden.

Before using this common ingredient, you need to dilute it so that it is not particularly aggressive. So all you have to do is combine it with water in the proportion of 200 grams of bicarbonate for each liter of water.

Baking soda for the garden

You can use it once a week instead of water to water healthy plants. However, if the plant in question is already sick, we recommend combining the bicarbonate with another ingredient: we are talking about white flour.

By combining these two ingredients, in fact, we will remove from our garden all those caterpillars that did nothing but damage our plants.

If, however, your biggest threat is ants , we recommend simply spreading this ingredient around the plant, forming a sort of boundary that is difficult for these tiny insects to overcome.

In general, as you have been able to evaluate, sodium bicarbonate for the garden is a valid ally for your plants and an enemy of both diseases and insects that could damage them.