With these ingredients you can have a garden full of flowers and a colorful balcony: you just need a cup.

Cup in the plant

Is it possible to have a garden full of flowers and a balcony full of colors? Every month, thanks to this cup with natural ingredients, you can achieve something wonderful. Those who do not have a green thumb often rely on chemical compounds, but they could have an unpleasant effect on plants and even the environment. In practical terms, all non-natural compounds inside pollute and can also cause a domino effect on flowers or plants in the balcony/garden. There is a natural ingredient whose use with plants is not known: just one cup is enough.

Chemical components for plants and flowering

Experts in the field point out that for plants it is preferable to use only organic compounds, avoiding chemical ones as much as possible. The well-being of the environment and the health of living beings also passes through this gesture. We are always looking for natural products for the body and for the home, for this reason it is important to carry out the same research also for the plants of the garden or balcony.

Ingredient for garden full of flowers

Gardeners advise to always use completely natural fertilizers and fertilizers, which can nourish the soil and clean the leaves of plants. In most cases, coffee grounds or banana peels are used, although there is another natural ingredient to exploit for its unique properties.

Garden full of flowers with this natural ingredient

Among the natural ingredients that can be used for a garden full of flowers or a colorful balcony, one in particular is rich in potassium and vitamin C. The carrot is not only a great vegetable to eat, or drink, but also an excellent product to create a fertilizer and nutrient for natural plants.


Carrot for plants

The carrot gives an infinite supply of potassium, proteins and vitamins that are able to nourish plants and counteract the attack of insects. A substance that can be used in two different ways, with only one ingredient.

To prepare it, just take two or three medium organic carrots with the peel. Cut into slices and put in a saucepan with a liter of water: let stand for 24 hours. Immediately after the rest time, filter thus eliminating all carrot pieces and residues.

The orange liquid compound is rich in vitamins and minerals to help the plant grow and develop in the best way. How to use it?

  • Once a week to water the plants, pouring the liquid directly onto the ground;
  • Wipe the leaves with the help of a cotton swab, even twice a week;
  • Vaporize the plant to give nourishment and refresh it during hot days.