Do you need to increase the fertility of your soil? Here we make you discover how to obtain a natural fertilizer that can best protect and fertilize the roses in your garden.

pile of roses

Anyone who owns a garden knows well how exceptional plants from an aesthetic point of view roses can be, but also very fragile. In fact, it is not always easy to make your rose bush florid and luxuriant. If the flowering should not be completely thriving, it is possible that the soil is not really suitable for growing roses.

If, however, it is, then it is very likely that the soil is not drained well or that there is not the correct exposure to sunlight.

Moreover, among all the plants, roses are the ones that need the most a lot of fertilizer . To facilitate flowering as much as possible, then, it will be advisable to put a lot of fertilizer into the soil. This compound is used to make roses bloom at their best, thanks to the presence of potassium , phosphorus and nitrogen .

These three ingredients are essential to have a perfect “explosion” of your rose bush. The flowers will be born without any problem and the roots and leaves will be completely healthy.

In this article, we will help you discover the powerful natural fertilizer capable of making your rose bush in the garden flourish and vigorous. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Do you want an explosion of roses in the garden? Here is the best natural fertilizer

Fertilizers are available on the market in some specialized shops. They have variable costs, but they are essential for your garden and, in particular, for your roses. In this article, however, we show you an ideal solution to avoid going to your local store. As? Here are the details.


As we anticipated, we will talk about a very powerful natural fertilizer , through a specific ingredient. It will allow you to always be safe when growing your roses. Before finding out which product we are referring to, we indicate the best times to apply the fertilizer .

It cannot be applied at any time of the season. If you choose the wrong month, in fact, you will do something absolutely harmful for your roses. The fertilizer, in fact, must be inserted into the soil for the first time with the arrival of spring – approximately between March and April.

Two other applications of fertilizer must be made in the summer months, between June and July , approximately 30 days apart. You will never have to delay these appointments. Applying the fertilizer in August or September is harmful, since the roses are already preparing for the dormancy of the winter months.

Are you ready to discover the best natural fertilizer for your roses? Here’s everything you need to know about it and the best method to put into practice . Let’s analyze everything together.

The effective natural method

Some food scraps can be really effective in flowering various plants and fertilizing them. This is also the case with banana peels and some other pieces of this fruit. Around the bushes, you will need to dig a few inches of dirt and place the husks in the ground, before doing the ground cover again.

Fertilizer water bananas

However, this is not the only method you can use with bananas as a natural fertilizer. In the process we are going to describe to you, it will be necessary to use two very ripe bananas , with the peel almost completely blackened.

It will be advisable to cut the bananas with their peel into small pieces . At the same time you will have to boil about 5 liters of water in a large pan , so as to evaporate the chlorine. When the water has come to the boil, you will also put all the previously cut pieces of ripe banana into the pot. Then cook everything for about 10 minutes.

The water will have reached a fairly dark color . Let everything cool and then add another 10 liters of “clean” water, also free from chlorine.

The water cooked with the bananas must be placed in the container with the other 10 liters of water . When doing this, you will use a strainer, in order to filter everything and prevent the banana pieces from ending up in the solution.

At this point you can pour about half a liter of this solution for each plant . The roses will grow strong and healthy and will better absorb this powerful and effective natural fertilizer made up of water infused with the nutrients of ripe bananas.