5 simple and useful ways to reuse cut grass: here are the various tips you can consider.

Cut grass

When carrying out special work in the garden such as, for example, cutting the grass, fantastic methods of reuse can be applied. Here are some very easy ones to perform. Precisely because this is a job that all families do, when they have an outdoor space with a garden at home, you need to know more. Details below.

Reusing cut grass: a very important task in the garden

As mentioned earlier, we will talk about the methods that concern the reuse of cut grass. This is because there are many families who have a house with a comfortable outdoor space, consisting of a garden or a courtyard.


In these cases, however, it is necessary to carry out a special work to be repeated weekly, so as to always have a well-kept and welcoming garden.

Specifically, it is the fact of mowing the lawn, an operation that is performed over the years and that should not be underestimated. Only in this way will your outdoor area not appear uncultivated and neglected, unusable and unpleasant to see.

You can mow the grass efficiently and satisfactorily through the use of a lawn mower that allows you to throw away the grass, placing it on one side as it is raised.

This is the first step to take, followed by the second phase consisting of leaving the mowed grass to dry and rot over time. Then you will get to know 5 methods of great use, to intelligently reuse the cut grass.

These are simple and very useful ways to apply in everyday life, so you can use the mowed grass in other ways.

Reusing smartly cut grass

With mowed grass you can not only perform an operation that effectively fertilizes your lawn, but you can also reuse this material several times for further different purposes.

It is certainly a very interesting and at the same time simple method, which will give you the opportunity to put into practice special tricks, to reuse the cut grass in other ways.

Mow the grass

An extremely precious form of savings, especially in these times characterized by the strong economic crisis that has hit many Italian families.

A detail to underline is to keep in mind that these suggestions can be realized when you do not use pesticides or chemicals on the lawn at home.

Among other things, these are products that can not only be found at rather high prices in the commercial sectors, but are also very harmful to the surrounding environment and to the well-being of people.

Here are all the recommended methods, for those who want to reuse in other ways the grass that has previously been mowed.

Reuse option: mulch

The cut grass can be reused intelligently, using it as mulch.

Mowed grass is an excellent method to efficiently retain moisture in the soil and to carry out a preventive action of the growth of annoying weeds.

During mulching using the cut grass, you must make sure not to place the grass near the stem of the plants. In addition to checking that the grass layer is not excessively thick, to prevent the grass from heating up.

This, in fact, would ruin your plants.

Then make sure that the grass used as mulch does not enter the seed, so as not to create problems.

The second method involves the preparation of a  valid liquid fertilizer enriched with nitrogen. Put the cut grass in a bucket or pot, pouring water into it and letting it rest for 2 or 3 days.

Then you will filter the solution obtained and with this you can water the flower beds, efficiently nourishing your plants.

Watering plants

With the third tip you can create your own compound. In this case you will need a 300-liter plastic composter, to be stacked with layers of grass cut with dry leaves or straw.

To obtain a mixture within a couple of months or at most 3, it is advisable to water it every 2 or 3 days, turning it every 4-6 days. This process will serve to degrade the material more quickly.

Last methods to use

The fourth method is based on removing a possible basket placed on the lawnmower, to make the grass fall back on the lawn. In this way you can nourish not only the soil but also the new grass. The fifth way to reuse mowed grass is to use it when you have chickens in your yard.


The excess mowed grass, in fact, can be thrown to chickens along with that grass that has gone into the seeds.

When doing this step, it is important to check that the grass is not too large. Chickens going to peck it will begin to spread the grass around quickly. So as to have food and entertainment available and, after, garden food again.

These are all extremely valid and intelligent methods to be able to use the cut grass in your garden again. It’s up to you to choose which of the 5 methods to use.

Concluding Reflections: What We Said

If you have reached this point of the article you will have understood what are the useful methods that will help you use the cut grass in a really smart way. Ways that you now know and that you can put into practice, not being all too complex. And what method will you rely on?