Do you want to have plants with extraordinary flowering all year round? Then all you need is a teaspoon of this ingredient: flowers will appear even in winter. Here is the secret that will change your approach to floriculture.

Flowering plants

How to have flowering plants all year round? A teaspoon of this ingredient is enough for you : many little flowers will bloom even in the coldest periods. Ready to be amazed?

How to ensure the flowering of a plant

If you too are a plant lover but not an expert, you will surely have found yourself facing a problem that many have in common, that of flowering: how to always obtain it?


We tell you that it is certainly not an easy thing but you too must be able to see this extraordinary show . Are you looking right now at your beautiful, little green plant, positioned on the terrace or in that corner of the living room that has acquired color and life thanks to it?

There is definitely one thing that disturbs you, we can see it in your eyes: why, are you asking yourself, does my beautiful plant not produce flowers or does it only bloom once a year ? You are definitely doing something wrong.

Today we will reveal a trick that will allow you to have lush, healthy and strong plants but above all full of little flowers ! Are you ready? Then take note. You will thank us for this amazing tip. You only need one ingredient to have a flowering plant even in the coldest periods.

The secret ingredient for fast flowering of plants

Getting a plant to flower is definitely not a simple thing. Some studies published in floriculture journals have shown that the birth of flowers depends on various molecular reactions that allow the activation of some genes that lead to the development of the flower.

Flowering plants

If you’re not a chemist, biologist, or physicist, don’t worry. There are some tricks that will allow you to have a flowering plant all year round . Do you know that you simply need an ingredient that you definitely have in your pantry? Yes just like this! To create your own natural fertilizer you will simply need to get some sugar !

Why can these grains save your plant? We’ll explain it to you immediately. First of all, we tell you that this trick helps you not only to ensure the flowering of your plant but also to give vigor to the leaves.

If you notice that they start to yellow or fall off, it is because the plant is not properly absorbing all the nutrients from the soil that it needs. So, get ready: you need to immediately proceed to making a fertilizer .

To grow well, plants need glucose capable of promoting cell regeneration . Water and sugar, therefore, can be of great help when the above-mentioned hypothesis occurs.

How should you use this ingredient? You have two possibilities. The first is this: pour a teaspoon of sugar into the soil and proceed with this technique once every 15 days.

The second instead: add a teaspoon of sugar in 500 ml of water , mix everything and start watering the soil of your plant. You will have to repeat this practice once every 30 days.

In both the first and second cases, you will see your plant reborn : the leaves will return to being green and shiny but above all you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful spectacle ever: its flowering.

Why is sugar able to accomplish all this? Because it contains glucose which promotes the healthy growth of plants that will have a long life, whether placed in the garden or on the terrace or even inside the house.

However, be careful with the quantities of sugar used: if you use too much of the solution, you could end up with a withered or dead plant because the excess glucose would cause it to decompose.

In any case, sugar is a great fertilizer for your plants . The benefits that it can bring to your little green jewels are truly many. We will list just a few of them.

For example, it is able to promote cell regeneration by providing nutrients to plants. But not only. Sugar helps in the growth of plants and gives them energy throughout the day.

Did you know that it is also an excellent trap for parasites ? This natural fertilizer can kill mosquitoes, ants and aphids . Most important of all: it then provides all the additional nutrients to ensure that your plants not only have vigorous roots but also beautiful, healthy and strong leaves.

The only recommendation is not to exaggerate too much with the amount of sugar . If you notice that the leaves are turning brown or yellow, it means that your plant is in a state of decay.

We also give you another little tip. If you don’t want to use sugar as a natural fertilizer, you can also use a vitamin B tablet and activated charcoal powder.

Mix these two ingredients together and add them to 500 ml of water. Then wet the soil with this solution once a month. Even in this case, you will get a healthy, strong plant and lots of colorful flowers.